Entry-level price with features of a high-end banjo. A scooped fingerboard, rolled brass rod tone ring, and vintage design makes this banjo a great value. It’s also lightweight and great for traveling or practicing. The CB-100 features an innovative Gold Tone dowel stick/coordinator rod. The metal rod is inserted inside the dowel stick, which provides superior neck support and allows neck angle adjustments.

Product Description

For over 15 years, Gold Tone has easily proved the best value in beginner to professional level openback banjos.  Playability, tone, and quality designs are our trademark. The CB-100 was created to meet the demands of the modern old-time player. This banjo is lightweight with a minimalist design that yields nothing but effortless playability and a traditional tone that just begs to be played. At an entry level price with all the features of a high end openback, the CB-100 includes a maple neck with a scooped rosewood fingerboard, rolled brass tone ring, a vintage neck design, Fiberskyn head, planetary tuners, and a No Knot tailpiece. Final assembly and complete setup performed at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida.


The CB-100 features a unique Gold Tone designed faux dowel stick in which a coordinator rod is threaded through the dowel to allow for action adjustments.  If you have every owned a tradional dowel stick banjo, you will agree this feature is infinitely superior without loosing that classic apeal!



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