More than 25,000 Cripple Creek banjos have been sold during the last 15 years! They are by far the best student banjo for the tone and playability in their price range. Made from hard rock maple, they are durable, sound terrific, have low string action, and are a pleasure to play.

Product Description

Not quite sure where to start when wanting to learn the banjo?  Here it is… Never before has an entry level banjo included the features and tone of our Cripple Creek CC-100R. Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you’ll find that this model has “more bang for the buck”. With a complete setup here at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, they are durable, have low string action and are a pleasure to play.  The CC-100R model features a hard maple neck, rim, and convertible resonator, black binding on the neck and resonator, dual coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Terminator tailpiece, brass tone ring, 2-way adjustable truss rod, and low string action for the beginning banjoist.  The CC-100R includes a resonator for increased tone and volume when playing bluegrass-style and easily converts to an open back banjo to be played clawhammer-style.  This model has helped to start thousands and thousands of people on banjo… Start your adventure today with a Cripple Creek! 


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  1. I have owned this banjo for 11 years. Yes I still enjoy playing this amazing instrument. it has good tone and is well constructed. It’s lightweight as well. but don’t be fooled, you will still get the bluegrass tone you are anxious to find in a banjo. Again the Gold Tone name that you will find on this banjo is something to be proud of because it’s an awesome piece to play. Nice job everyone. Their customer service is second to none They know thei product line well and you will be pleased with you purchase experience. Thanks. B

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