The CCot package includes an installed capo spike, padded gig bag, and a Bob carlin DVD.

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The Cripple Creek CC-0T is Gold Tone’s recommended entry level openback banjo. The CC-0T comes in a complete package designed to learn clawhammer style banjo.  They sound and play to way a real openback banjo should!  The banjo includes a maple neck, scooped rosewood fingerboard with 5th string capo spike, a Fiberskyn banjo head, No Knot tailpiece, Vega-style armrest, vintage Fairbanks headstock design, and geared tuners.  The package also includes a gig bag, a banjo strap, an installed capo spike and the popular Bob Carlin Instructional DVD where he discusses the fundamentals of clawhammer banjo techniques and teaches several traditional songs with tablature.  With a complete setup at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, the CC-0T is durable, has low string action, and is a pleasure to learn on!




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1 review for CC-OT

  1. hello. i just received my old time[cc-ot] open back banjo from… i am really impressed, especially with the sounds. also the extras like scouped frailing, old time looking banjo head[ gives old time sound] and especially the double rods which usually are on the more expensive instruments. for the price this cannot be beat. thanks for offering this kind of package for the beginner.

  2. Had my CC-OT for 5 years now and still love it!

    No problems, play it pretty much every day.

    Best bang for buck banjo IMO

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